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The surface of the metal wire is pulled out by the drawing machine has different degrees of oxidation

Author : Administrator Add Time : 2012-09-26

The surface of the metal wire is pulled out by the drawing machine with different degrees of oxidation generated may have the following reasons:

1 the temperature of cooling water in the seal chamber is too high, more than 40 ° C, so that the sealing chamber on the metal wire would not achieve the required cooling effect, caused by the monofilament after annealing, the temperature is still high, the high temperatures encountered under the air oxygen oxidation.

2. Saponification liquid content of the cooling liquid in the seal chamber is insufficient, which causes the increase in the frictional force of the metal wire and the guide wheel, thereby enabling the metal filament temperature rising again, causing the oxidation of the surface of the metal wire.

3 the water pressure of the cooling water in the seal chamber and the water is not enough, so that the wire is not able to achieve a satisfactory cooling effect.

Solution for this oxidation phenomenon: regular checks of the cooling water circulation device is operating normally, the cooling effect is normal; added to increase the the saponification concentration of substances in a sealed room in every time, so you can change the cooling water saponification the content of the liquid to ensure the normal operation of the wire on the guide wheel; periodic inspection of the circulating water pressure is normal, in the production of continuously changed according to the change of pressure to the pressure and quantity of cooling water into the sealed chamber.