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Tonglu Hengfeng Drawing Machine Factory
Tel : 86-571-64666628
Mobile : 13805762982
Fax :86-571-64667129
Address : Tonglu Fuchunjiang
Contact : Sun Weiming
Zip Code : 311504

  Tonglu Hengfeng Drawing Machine factory is a drawing machine manufacturer specializing in the design and production of all kinds of metal products, electrical machinery drawing equipment, the main products include the LT series tank drawing machine, pulley-type drawing machine, non-ferrous metal wire drawing machine, straightening, carbon dioxide welding wire equipment and a variety of closing, the actinomycetes equipment and plum-type retractable cord and other units also for customers to tailor various drawing equipment with special requirements.

  Tonglu Hengfeng Drawing Machine factory is located in the scenic suburb of Hangzhou Fuchun River - the Fuchunjiang industrial park, and convenient transportation. The company follows the guidelines of science and technology as the primary productive force, "to the development of science and technology innovation enterprise quality service to win customers is our aim.